Friday, 31 October 2014


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My sister has an amazing food-blog and she got invited at ONI for dinner, which is a Japanese restaurant in The Hague. She asked me to join her for the dinner and of course I couldn't resist. We got several courses which were all very surprising and I tasted food I never tasted before! Sometimes it was a real food explosion in your mouth: WOW! 

The restaurant had an amazing ambiance and there even was a catwalk where you could chill out and drink a cocktail. The menu card was huge! More than 200 dishes and all prepared with fresh products; this absolutely makes this restaurant very unique. It was a great night and if you like to read more about the dishes we tried you can read my sisters blog EET GENIET LEEF for the details about the food! (Dutch only) 

If you like to know more about the restaurant click HERE to go to their website and don't forget to follow them on Facebook! 

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014


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Double Beauty heeft een heerlijk nieuw product waar ik jullie graag even wat over wil vertellen! Ik heb een heerlijke Monoi Oil toegestuurd gekregen die ik natuurlijk meteen even moest uitproberen! Ik besloot direct het flesje te testen en dit op mijn handen en haar te verdelen. Door middel van de handige spray-dop wordt het geen kliederboel en kan je de hoeveelheid die je wil gebruiken goed doseren. 
Ik heb eerst even heerlijk mijn handen ingesmeerd met dit Monoi Oil middeltje. Het is natuurlijk wel een olie dus wel een beetje vettig. Maar als je het goed uitsmeert voelt het echt heel prettig aan! Ik kon niet stoppen met aan mijn handen te ruiken; Heerlijk! Als ik mijn ogen sloot dacht ik aan vakantie en de heerlijke kokosgeur brengt je naar een tropisch eiland ergens hier ver vandaan!

Uiteraard heb ik het ook uitgeprobeerd in mijn haar. Misschien even een overdosis want in het begin werd het een beetje vettig net als op mijn handen. Ik besloot het voor het slapen gaan in een knot te draaien en de volgende ochtend uit te wassen. En het geeft zeker resultaat! Mijn haar is nu super zacht en glanzend!
Ik denk dat dit echt een must is om mee te nemen op vakantie!Zelf krijg ik namelijk altijd heel droog haar van de zoute zeelucht en de zon. Als je s'avonds een kleine hoeveelheid in je puntjes smeert en deze olie lekker laat inwerken, is je haar weer rijkelijk gevoed met allemaal gezonde oliĆ«n! 

Wil je het ook uitproberen? De spray is te koop voor 14,95 en de pure olie voor 16,95. Klik HIER als je net als ik ook een mooi zacht huidje wil en glanzende lokken!

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Monday, 15 September 2014


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As you all know I love fringes. This will be my last festival outfit I think. The summer is almost over and I will miss it! So this time I took al the space I needed to dance around in my favorite fringe kimono!


Kimono: Choies ( ---> buy it here
Cropped peplum top: Choies ---> buy it here
Leather biker boots: Steve Madden
Shorts: Zara
Hat: Pieces
Sunnies: Pieces
Leather belt: Object
Jewelry: bought in Thailand
Leather fringe bag: handmade in Thailand

Pictures made by my lovely friend Inge hetem (also the 6th picture from up to down made by my amazing boyfriend Steven Hannewijk)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Two weeks ago I went to Thailand, and it was amazing..My boyfriend and I took a plain to Bangkok and that is where we stayed the first days. After that we took a flight to Krabi and we stayed at Ao Nang for a week. It was a nice little village with a lot of good restaurants and little shops. Also from there we could take a long-tail boat to the islands in the neighborhood like Railey beach, Phi Phi islands, Bamboo island, and more.

After a week of relaxation we went back to the most busy city ever; Bangkok:) We did a cycling tour with Co van Kessel and did a lot of shopping. Also we went to a 4D movie in a very luxurious shoppingmall. Big contrasts there between rich and pour, was very strange to see.

After all, it was a little bit to short those two weeks! We enjoyed our stay and even though it was raining season and it rained a lot in Krabi, we got time to relax and chill. Thailand: we will come back again!

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


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An outfit that I still had in my computer for a couple of weeks but forgot to post it! I had this dress in my closet for a year without wearing it. One day I wore it to work and got so much compliments that I decided to wear it more often. You like my comfy dress? The boots are from Sendra which I bought at they are like the perfect biker boots! :D


Dress: VILA
Boots: Sendra
Leather fringe bag: Pieces

Monday, 18 August 2014


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My insta dairy from 3 weeks ago. (I have been a little busy!!) I went to Wild und Frei with some friends. Also the week before Thuishaven was great with Gabriel Anandaaaaa! Ofcourse an outfit from the sky with my yellow and grey Nike safari:) see you next time!

Friday, 1 August 2014


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Vondelpark chillings and Woodstock with my friends. This was 3 weeks ago but I forgot to post this one! From now on I will start an Diary and keep you all posted what is going on in my life! :)

Sunday, 20 July 2014


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Espadrilles are hot! Also they are comfortable and look cute with a lot of outfits!


Espadrilles: Pieces
Fake leather trousers: ONLY
Top: Vila
Army jacket: Only
Bag: Vintage from Urban Outfitters

Friday, 18 July 2014


I want to show my sympathy to the next of kin of those who recently lost their lives in the tragic airplane accident. 173 Dutch people died in this horrible horrible accident and this will be the biggest airplane disaster in the Dutch history... God please bless the ones that are left behind and dry their tears..

Read more about it here:

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Thursday, 10 July 2014


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American Apperal has good quality nailpolishes. A colleague was wearing this amazing glitter glamour nailpolish and immediately I fell in love! She promised me to get me one and after that weekend she stood in front of my desk, and yessss: she got it!!! When I came home I started painting my nails, and believe me; you won't regret buying this one! See it for yourself! :D