Sunday, 20 July 2014


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Espadrilles are hot! Also they are comfortable and look cute with a lot of outfits!


Espadrilles: Pieces
Fake leather trousers: ONLY
Top: Vila
Army jacket: Only
Bag: Vintage from Urban Outfitters

Friday, 18 July 2014


I want to show my sympathy to the next of kin of those who recently lost their lives in the tragic airplane accident. 173 Dutch people died in this horrible horrible accident and this will be the biggest airplane disaster in the Dutch history... God please bless the ones that are left behind and dry their tears..

Read more about it here:

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Thursday, 10 July 2014


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American Apperal has good quality nailpolishes. A colleague was wearing this amazing glitter glamour nailpolish and immediately I fell in love! She promised me to get me one and after that weekend she stood in front of my desk, and yessss: she got it!!! When I came home I started painting my nails, and believe me; you won't regret buying this one! See it for yourself! :D

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Saturday, 28 June 2014


Sendra is one of my favourite brands in boots because the quality is really high and they look good with almost everything. has a lot of Sendra boots and in de past years they made my shoe collection a little bigger and bigger with their great collection on the webshop! Can't resist sometimes to buy them! haha.

Here you see my new Sendra bikerboots. Soon an outfitpost will be online on my blog with the boots! :)

 photo d3dd6c09-ce08-48cc-a204-ea08fea47aa9_zpsabb66fcd.jpg

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Last weekend I went to Mystic Garden to write a party report for ExQlusiv (report will be online soon!)

Ofcourse I had to show you my outfit. The first minute I walked inside the festival area I got spotted by Gigi Looks. 

What I was wearing:

Shorts: Only
Tshirt: Selected Femme
Kimono: Mink Pink
Hat: Vila
Fringe bag: Zara
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace fringes: Ibiza hippie market

 photo 3bbe41ca-0b89-4513-9d4a-2bd7421c0602_zpsa4fc6e87.png
Picture collage made by Gigi Looks

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 photo 3e6ee0ba-e9d8-4591-84a6-14170795007d_zps8c1dfa1f.jpg

Had such a blast with my friends. It was a real fairy tale and the decoration of the festival was amazing! Special compliments for my friend with her WTL stand! Speed-dating and a cuddle area brought the people together! <3

Monday, 23 June 2014


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Picture of me and my sister made by michiel Ton from ExQlusiv

In The Cloud Festival at Circuit Zandvoort near the beach was so cool! Read my party report for ExQlusiv HERE

What I was wearing:

Shorts: Pieces
Lace top: Vila
Dress: ICatchy
Jacket: H&M
Fringe bag: Zara
Boots: Steven Madden
Sunnies: Ray Ban

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

BOHEMIAN TREND // MINNETONKA is always trendy! For this summer you need Minnetonka shoes to complete your bohemian outfit! For your perfect festival outfit, your outfit for the beach; you name it. You will find the whole Minnetonka collection at the webshop HERE 

These beautiful shoes are handmade and they are very unique. Want to know more about the history of Minnetonka shoes? Click HERE

 photo edd4921a-7b1a-40b6-b255-f59d0a841d6c_zps7b5212e5.jpg

You probably like some inspiration right? Here you see an outfit how I would wear my Minnetonka's. How would you wear yours?

 photo ca2666b9-fd0b-463d-ba7a-c86b9ebf45e6_zps710f95e3.jpg

 photo 7036c8e4-3610-45fd-b421-41b1066b4414_zpsa0f37976.jpg

 photo b0b22a4d-9554-401f-b310-4b299070ff6e_zps8d6dd029.jpg


Shoes: Minnetonka MOOIESCHOENEN.NL
Denim jumpsuit: VILA
Leather fringe bag: ICATCHY

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Thursday, 12 June 2014


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 photo 5b5898d9-f9b6-4aa9-af40-3b3e8db02dce_zpsf9519d39.jpg

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FASHIONBOOTZ is a website for the perfect rain boot. You can wear rain boots at any occation; a festival, a walk with the dog, Saturday shopping in the rain; you name it! FASHIONBOOTZ gives you the opportunity to shop the rainboots that will fit your style and for any price you want! Fashionbootz is an online store only and for them customer service is very important! I ordered my boots and I received them really soon! For me it's always important to trust a website with how they treat their customers and I have to say that Fashionbootz does a good job!

I chose for the Hunterboots. Love them so much! They will look cool with almost every outfit. Can't wait to show you all my festival look with them. See THE FASHIONBOOTZ COLLECTION and choose your own pair!

Also for more cool boots visit this website by clicking HERE

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


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A few weeks ago I went to a festival called ' De Zon ' (The Sun). Nice music, lovely people and and amazing ambiance! A while ago I bought a orange kimono at River Island and i could not wait to wear it!

What I was wearing:

Kimono: River Island
Short: Only
Fringe top: Pieces
Biker boots: Steve Madden
Flower headband: Ibiza hippie market
Sunnies: Ray Ban

Sunday, 25 May 2014


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 photo IMG_0007_zpse755ddc1.jpg  photo IMG_0005_zps545635fb.jpg

 photo 776a9673-2844-4a37-ae8b-8b4604ebf5df_zpsb811dff9.jpg

 photo IMG_0013_zps2ef8de3b.jpg

Yesterday I went to Young Label Atelier at the Singel in Amsterdam to take some pictures. When you walk by you would not even notice the shop because it is in a little basement. So I will show you all how it looks from outside so you won't miss it when you walk by! You will get a warm welcome from one of the designers and they will tell you all about the collections if you like!

Young label atelier is something you can not miss as fashionista when you go shopping in Amsterdam. It's a collective of young designers with love for fashion. They found eachother and instead of being on their own they put their strengt together and in this store you can find anything you like. Man and women clothes, jewelry and other accessoires, festival and vintage clothes, handmade bags and so on. Go to their Facebook page and have a look!: YOUNG LABEL ATELIER

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 photo IMG_0039_zps116f62c1.jpg

ICatchy is for the girl with the free spirit. The girl that dares to dress different but yet the same. For the girl that likes to stand out but in a good way. For the girl that loves the festivals and loves bohemian influences. From hats to handmade leather bags and vintage Levi's high waist shorts; everything is so trendy and completes the festival-look just the way you like it. Sara is the founder of Icatchy. She gets her inspiration for the collection from all over the world. You see the ethnic influences in the items what makes her collection very special.

 photo IMG_0032_zps46ffff5b.jpg photo IMG_0028_zps716820e8.jpg

Her dreamcatchers are the cutest ever! She has them in different sizes so you can even wear them as a necklace or use it as a keychain. You like to buy a dreamcatcher? Click HERE

I am a big fan of Icatchy and can't stop buying things there; it's addictive! I got an amazing suede handmade bag from ICatchy. You can see it on the picture below. Very bohemian and as you all know I love fringes so this one is perfect for me! Soon I will post some outfit pictures with the bag! Sara thank you for the beautiful bag!

You like to buy the bag? click HERE

 photo de72b7e1-14ae-4c0f-8683-a2bc582fb6e3_zps0b6e3aeb.jpg photo IMG_0044_zpsf2101ac9.jpg photo IMG_0027_zps86db1958.jpg